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Depending on which venue you are attending, parking will not be an issue at the Lobster Festival. 

Main Venue: The Outdoor Hockey Rink is the Main Venue for the Outdoor Dances, Opening Ceremonies, Concession Stands, Talent Show, Open Mic and more.  There is lots of parking space at the Hockey Rink, with ample room for overflow.

Lobster Dinners: There is parking in front of the church for patrons who would like to indulge in a fresh lobster dinner.  You will enjoy the atmosphere of the dinners.  Come and enjoy lobster with the works and mingle socially.

Theatre Performances: The Gros Morne Theatre Festival has parking adjacent to the Theatre as well as parking available on the Motel Parking lot.

Shallow Bay Day Use Area Events: If you would like to take in events at the Day Use Area or just stroll along the beach, parking is more than abundant.  You may need a Park Day Pass or a Seasonal Pass.

Amphitheatre: For events happening at the Amphitheatre or if you want to walk the Lighthouse Trail, take the causeway to the Head and feel free to use the parking space available at the Amphitheatre.

For additional information, please contact:

Town Office

(709) 243-2446
e-mail: info@cowheadlobsterfestival.ca


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