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The Lobster Festival was established in 1971 by the Town and Tourism related businesses in the community.

A desire to attract tourists to the town of Cow Head was the driving force behind a meeting which included representatives of the Dept. of Tourism of Newfoundland and Labrador, local business owners and members of the town council of Cow Head.

Since the harbour in Cow Head was the area where fishermen all along the coast from Trout River to Belburns pooled there lobsters waiting to go to market, a Lobster Festival would be a great idea.

Since it was known that the  Lobster Festival in PEI was a success, a delegation of the town attended  the Lobster Festival at St.Anne's, PEI in the summer of 1970. The plan was to look for ideas which might be appropriate for the start up of a Lobster Festival in Cow Head.

The following year, 1971,  was the start of  the Cow Head Lobster Festival. This annual event continues to be a great success bringing people from all over the world to participate in traditional Newfoundland celebrations of music, dancing, dining etc. and enjoying Newfoundland hospitality.  The festival has continued on an annual basis since 1971.

For additional information, please contact:

Town Office

(709) 243-2446
e-mail: info@cowheadlobsterfestival.ca


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